Skiing the Steep

Skiing the steep.

The next place is a turn on the steep side

As you have been crazy on the steeps. The secret to turning is this.

So let's say your on a green run. You make your normal left turn. Let us put it on a wall. All tho a unskiable 90 degrees it will still work.

Try that same left turn impossible.

In my modern skiing days I have noticed how important it is to turn. Also to turn properly. Hear I will tell you how to turn on the steeps.

First find a steep run and sideslip a bit into the run. Prepare to make your first turn! Look over that hill! Plant that pole and now lean over it

If you feel confidant,loosen your edges. Once you're ready, just let your self turn around the pole.

The pedal turn

Yes it's me. Now will talk about the pedal turn. To do this turn, first stand on the downhill leg. Then lift the uphill ski a little bit.

Do a simple hop turn and as you do so, make a pedaling motion. Good job!

Choosing a place

If you want to enjoy skiing like me go to these places