The Grand Canyon Strikes Back

The Grand Canyon Strikes Back!

Well my tired fokes I am so sorry that I could not get up an artical over the last two months. Did I tell you that I am moving. Ya. Too much to do and not enough time to do it. But now lets get back to the main topic; The Grand Canyon Strikes Back!

And so we are hustling around. Why? because we are going to the Grand Canyon. On a buetifull September day we Start on the south Kibab trail. Nice brese keep us cool. We proudly make it to the botum of the Grand Canyon. We stay at the amazing Bright Angel Camp ground. We play in the creek next to our camp site.

Then the trouble starts on the second to last day.

First the Trans Canyon pipeline goes out!

Bad news. Then suddenly it starts down-pouring. Oh and true story. Once when my dad was a kid he and his brother with his parents and they camp in a wash; a dry creek bed. They also where told that it rains in September! Wrong that's smack in the middle of the Grand Canyon's monsoon season. So they don't bring a tent. Only tarp. Then it starts down pouring. at least we had a tent. Though my cousins who were also with us got in there tent before they got soaked. Lucky them. So since we get soaked we hid under a little sign over hang. So I think that that's all you need to know. Well Thanks fore reading!